Thursday, June 12, 2008

Maybe It's Not the Loire Valley . . .

Maybe its not the Loire Valley . . . or Lourdes . . . or the Louvre . . .
But a lunchtime walk through West Utica can be an interesting diversion.


clipper said...

I don't see any other comments posted as of yet Strike, but I want to express my appreciation for the photo array.
I guess if you are simply another complacent, or negative city resident, the photos are not anything to be excited by. I live in Tennessee, and I miss Utica and the Mohawk Valley. To me these photos are a thing of beauty, and very moving. People don't stop to see the little things of beauty. They take a wide angle perspective of negativity, and sit back and complain about that picture.

I wish people could see the history, and the beauty of many sites in our city. I wish there could be more positive and upbeat attitudes toward my hometown.

I am hoping to see some upgrades in street repair and infrastructure. Moving the soldiers and sailor's monument is not a priority or even a sensible project. Repaving streets, and simply cleaning up around town, should be a much higher priority in order to get people to come into the city and to take advantage of the many things that Utica has to offer a visitor.

I have to think though, in retrospect, that Hanna and Julian have placed enough awnings and flower planters around town for now. Serious pothole repair, and cleanup is what should head the agenda now.

I find it disgusting that Roefaro's first project was to spend our tax money on his own office.

Thanks again for the postive boost that you bring to your readers.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. It's the type of lunchtime walk I like to take to clear my head.

The Preservationist said...

It's nearly impossible to appreciate the beauty and assets of the city driving a vehicle. You really need to get out and walk it, not just at lunchtime, but early evenings and weekends as well. There is so much in the way of architecture, little neighborhood nuances, and pleasant surprises tucked away in unexpected places. Kudos for pointing that out, Strike!