Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is There a Sale On Gazebos?

Last year a new park with a gazebo (Purple Heart Park) was built in West Utica. A couple weeks ago Yorkville dedicated a new gazebo. Now we read that New Hartford plans on developing a baseball field and recreation park in New York Mills complete with a pavilion (probably another gazebo), this time as a "firemen's park." Three parks . . . practically within a stone's throw of each other.

What is going on?

While veterans, police and firefighters are certainly deserving of public appreciation and honor, isn't this overdoing it? The school districts (presumably NYM and New Hartford) and the villages of New Hartford and NYM and Town of New Hartford supposedly are teaming up for this project as a joint effort, although why the NH school district and its Superintendent, Dan Gilligan are involved raises an interesting question. According to Gilligan “We will work together to raise money,” he said. “The town would help them build them a pavilion and a park.”

The implication seems to be that no taxpayers' dollars will be needed but ... Just who will have to pay to maintain and police all these new installations?

There is already a nice park in NYM. The population is going DOWN not up. If the village and town did not need this park 40 years ago when the population was larger, why do they need one now?

This looks like an excuse just to spend taxpayer money so some one can clean up.

Update: Looks like this will be a Big Money Boondoggle: at least $1,000,000 Big!

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Cato said...

Fault Lines, they're just "creating JOBS," as everyone wants them to do, correct? The last laugh is on us-- the "jobs" they're creating are more government jobs! Hahahaha! Who's going to pay for all these new government jobs? Hahahahah!