Friday, June 06, 2008

Windowdressing . . .

While Governor Patterson, to his credit, has taken an interest in Hinckley Reservoir by directing implementation of the Working Group's recommendations, they are, at best, NYS window dressing.

Last summer's crisis, where Greater Utica's drinking water supply was threatened, can now be comfortably forgotten because government agencies have done an impressive job to get things under control. They have spent countless hours studying the issues, produced a massive report with tons of data, and have made recommendations designed to ensure that what happened last year never happens again....

At least this is what the agencies and our elected representatives hope you will think. And they would be right, based on the comments posted on the OD's version of the story.

But the basic question still remains:

Would the crisis have occurred had everyone been following long standing rules such as the 1920 Rule Curve and the 1917 Agreement?

Until that question is answered, you should not be comfortable ... because a government that did not follow its own rules in the past cannot be counted upon to follow new ones in the future.

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