Thursday, July 07, 2011

EDGE + Utica . . .The Worst That Could Happen!

EDGE, Utica officials meet to discuss merger
City Hall needs its head examined on this one! Why?  Let me count the ways:
  1. EDGE is controlled by private interests rather than the taxpayers.  It works through a host of subsidiary organizations making it difficult to track its activities.
  2. EDGE's performance has been unsatisfactory, causing Herkimer County to dump EDGE and Whitestown Business Park (Old O.C. Airport area) tenants to complain.
  3. EDGE is unaccountable.
  4. EDGE is incompetent.
  5. EDGE is lazy.  
  6. EDGE encourages sprawl.
  7. EDGE is dishonest.
Need I say more?


RPP said...

First, the EDGE record is clear, mediocre at best, incompetent at worst. It is obvious that a lame duck Mayor cannot hire a new top gun. But, it is hard to believe that someone already on staff can't cover the job for 6 months. If that is true, the staff has been defficeint right along.

Anonymous said...

Concerned Citizens for Honest & Open Government has requested electronic copies of EDGE's records as they relate to financial matters.

EDGE has refused to provide signed copies of records as requested and (in fact0 has requested $10,400 before they release them.

Non-compliance with the NYS Freedom of Information Law goes along with their antics.

Silence Dogood said...

Follow the money at all the spin offs of EDGE that are for profit Corporations. We may be all surprised on the total compensation packages for performace levels. 10K for paperwork or electronic media so you and look into these things seems pretty steep. Must be some billing hours for review to make sure they have dotted all the "I"s