Saturday, July 09, 2011

The GOP is Done!

Washington Post: Boehner abandons efforts to reach comprehensive debt-reduction deal

There simply is no reason to support Republicans anymore.  They were put into the House Majority to repeal Obamacare . . . The Debt Ceiling issue presents the only opportunity to get that done NOW. . . but now the GOP is caving in on even cutting spending significantly...  The GOP has outlived its usefulness as an alternative. Most likely a third party will rise, split the GOP votes, and continue the country down its current path, despite the voters' desires last November to change course.



austinwalker said...

There is a clear message from the election results all over the country, ... The American people, by and large as a body politic, are looking for a more centrist approach.”
Sherwood Boehlert

Anonymous said...

ron paul for president

RPP said...

The extent of taxation, spending and debt is causing the most severe recession we've experienced. The issues do not lend to lables other. The only irrefutable fact is that current and future spending levels cannot be sustained. As Strikeslip implies Obamacare adds over a trillion dollars in new spending and creates massive new taxes. Although I hold out a bit more hope than Strike, the clear distinction between parties must be defined. I hope the Boehlert reference is a joke. Is he really making statements from Delaware?

Brother Jesse said...

Why do we keep electing the rich to rule us when all they want is to be richer? We don't need another party of rich candidates. We need election and campaign financing reform.