Tuesday, January 22, 2008

EDGE: That Was Some Lesson!

This week we learned that the Marcy 'Nanotech' (nee 'Chip-Fab') Wetland Permit has cost $300,000 so far, and EDGE still does not have the permit.

But it (or the lack thereof) was really much more costly
. . .
It's been seven years since Marcy town officials gave their backing to a zoning change allowing construction of a computer chip fabrication, or chip fab, plant on the site.

Since then, the Albany area has become a world leader in the field of nanotechnology . . .

In 2006, Advanced Micro Devices spent time considering the Marcy site before choosing a location in Saratoga County to build a plant that will employ hundreds.

Mohawk Valley officials learned from that experience that not having a federal wetlands permit presented a hurdle that an interested company would have to wait to clear.
Mohawk Valley officials had to learn from "experience" that the lack of a permit was a hurdle? Didn't they understand what "shovel ready" meant?

Left out of the story is the fact that EDGE shelved its Wetlands Permit application in 2002, and the County Executive (Eannace), Board of Legislators, Mrs. Destito and other elected officials apparently thought this was just fine . . . And it did not matter that we had one of the most powerful Republican Congressmen representing us: no Army Corps of Engineers Permit for Marcy.

As I posted previously:

"In the early 2000s timing was what Oneida County had to offer above everyone else. Our competition was still in the design stage and had significant hurdles (water supply and public acceptance) to overcome. But Oneida County EDGE's performance was significantly less than flawless . . . They were less than aggressive. Permitting was allowed to go unfinished. The lack of the federal wetland permit would have held any project up for months. In spite of the promise of being "shovel ready," it was not. Now our competition has surpassed us."

The question that needs to be answered is: "Why was the wetlands permit application shelved?" Was it ignorance, stupidity, incompetence, laziness, bad advice (from whom?) . . . or were they told to shelve it?

The headline should have read: "Nanotech's permit cost: One Lost Chip -Fab Plant."


Anonymous said...

Oh Strike, you're so cute. You know so little about so much!

Anonymous said...

Could someone please measure the dollar to dollar benefits EDGE has brought us now for what.... 12 years? This looks like another one of our local home-grown non-profits created for less than advertised reasons.

Quite a few of those around, benefitting the same list of names, NOT the community. And as the post above shows: The "insiders" DEFINITELY don't like people calling them to judgement.... they're much more used to the cushy treatment our local cheese factory media gives them and the Destitos, Arcuis and Boehlerts of the world.

Where's Eannace these days?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: So we have a bunch of news in the paper about the site again and one person leaving Edge to move to California. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that he may be the point man on the ground for the new company showing up at the new site. How many others at Edge will leave to "better themselves" once the announcement is made? Opportunity or conflict of interest? As far as the Wetlands permit, I agree with the Blogger. The cost of on the job training by our officials was the chip flab plant. And to add to that economic terrorism by some "Authority" in draining Hinkley to prove they would rather fill a canal for a few boats than let us have the opportunity to compete. You end up where we are today. I defend your right to be anonymous, but I think the blogger hit a cord with you and deep down you know he is right. If you are involved in Economic Development in some way shape or form, go ahead and hide behind the "confidentiality of the situation" and when its your turn to benefit feel free to move on too. Follow the example of "that most powerful congressman" who represented us. What did he do when he left office...he moved out too

Anonymous said...

So who is the attorney that is making all the cash from this project?

Me wanna know.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Oh, I LOOOVE EDGE. Love it. Isn't this the epitome of what people want the government to do: "create jobs"? EDGE "created" lots of "jobs"! It's just that now the "jobs" are going to California!

Ha! Be careful what you wish for, is the real lesson to be learned.

Anonymous said...

Well Steve DiMeo is on the panel at the Genesis forum tomorrow - ask him.

Anonymous said...

Well we could of asked Steve the questions, but the question and answer period didn't happen, stay tuned next month. My question is the same as the blogger from a previous post on his web site. It is clear because of the attendance at this function ( 250 people) that many people are interested in a host of problems. I agree with the blogger that maybe a unified force if they could agree on just two problems, working together with one voice on those topics, approach the powers to be in Albany to resolve them. Examples are a free thruway without tolls, lower energy cost, no mandates without funding, term limits. Republicans, Democrats, Not for Profits, local governments, economic development etc etc. agreeing to fight for one or two causes. This way the voice of the Mohawk Valley can be heard as one. Also it will then show us if our area has any clout. The reason my friend that we don't do this is we need someone to blame, ""they" got in the way, I tried but couldn't get it done. Keep me in my job and I will keep working for you, we are almost to the goal, I have your back" . Maybe the OD can ask that question. Pick one or two problems and be united. Best of luck to all those trying, keep up the good work