Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Negotiation for What?

Utica housing authority looks to develop Bossert site
"The Utica Urban Renewal Agency, which owns the vacant former industrial site adjacent to the North-South Arterial, voted unanimously to give the housing authority site control of the property."
"But neither city nor housing authority officials would release the exact nature of the proposed project – saying to do so would hamper the negotiation process." 
"Whatever the project is, it appears it will not be similar to other housing authority endeavors, which mostly focus on housing. The Bossert site restricts residential development." 
In fact per DEC press release, the site is to be used only for commercial or industrial purposes.

So which is it?  Commercial?  Industrial?   We are left to guess.

While the need for confidentiality in both negotiations and project details is appreciated, what is not appreciated is being left in the dark as to the range of possibilities.  That will affect what OTHER people do with THEIR properties.  Knowing the range of possibilities is the function of a Master Plan . . . but the Draft Utica Master Plan, unfortunately, does not fulfill this function.

I guess the people are expected to swallow whatever they are given. The future of the City should not be determined behind closed doors.

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RPP said...

The goal of the redevelopment ought to be to produce taxable commercial or industrial uses. One can only hope this is the case under this plan.