Thursday, July 21, 2011

That Didn't Take Long . . .

No sooner than a potential deal with state government workers is announced that would save the state millions of dollars, Governor Cuomo lays out a billion dollar plan for "economic development." Per YNN
On day two of phase two of his agenda, Governor Andrew Cuomo laid out an aggressive incentive program for bringing private investment and jobs to New York State, pooling existing state funds which will be available in the form of tax credits and grants. 

PLEASE, stop the nonsense.

You cannot sell a product (New York State) that is defective.

Economic development in the form of government-subsidized jobs simply does not sustain itself. We've done the tax-credit and grant thing in NYS for years with no real lasting results.

If the governor wants economic development in NYS, he needs to fix what is wrong with it: lower NYS taxes and fees (for everyone, not just the ones winning a government-sponsored "contest"), decrease regulatory red tape, and lower the cost of power.

But the governor is actually taking the opposite approach. There are more regulations and burdens that will harm New York, particularly Upstaters. For example, DEC is planning on new regulations to allegedly protect fish in the Hudson, but which will be so expensive to meet that it will either dramatically raise electric rates, or result in shutting down the Indian Point nuclear power plant about 30 miles north of NYC (the likely real objective) -- which will also raise rates.  

So much for this governor's fiscal conservatism . . .

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Anonymous said...

Nice. Cuomo demanded state workers take a 3 yr. pay freeze or face layoffs which saved the state millions. So I guess we can now say that state workers are paying for Cuomo's giveaways, i.e. tax credits & grants for Cuomo's Corporate cronies. Cuomo bragged about the savings to taxpayers in a news conference. So much for saving the taxpayer's millions. Cuomo is the biggest liar & hypocrite ever to sit in the Governor's office.