Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Fail . . .

"Consultants" have concluded that 8,000 jobs will be added in 25 years up at the Old Oneida County Airport business park . . . if WE the TAXPAYERS contribute only another $61 MILLION!

Other developments to lure in new businesses would include building a town center housing restaurants and small retailers within the next six years, and adding recreational fields for the public, said consultant Elizabeth Sargent of Massachusetts-based Sasaki Associates, one of the firms working on the report.

Just what we need - another "Town Center" with restaurants and retailers . . . What about the other "Town Centers" we already have that are languishing: Downtown Utica and Downtown Rome? And we need more ballfields, too??

How can it be that now that our regional population has dropped by tens of thousands we need more retail centers and ballfields? More, more, and more stuff -- and fewer, fewer, and fewer of us left to pay for it.

County Legislator William Goodman, D-Whitestown, said while the park had a long way to go, he was encouraged by the study’s findings.

“There’s a good future in this area, and we know what needs to be done,” he said. “Of course, the public should have a say, as well.”

Yeah, sure, Mr. Goodman ... the public should have a say . . . but you know better, right?

This is just more of the same garbage that we've been putting up with for 30 years. "Consultants" hired by EDGE come up with a plan to justify EDGE's continued existence for a generation. Town leaders smugly get city residents to pay via county taxes to encourage more activities to move to where they can be taxed by Town Government, while Town residents put up with a degradation of their environment, more traffic, more crime, etc. . . . and the only people who benefit are those who control Town government and their well-connected buddies.

Its time to put an end to all this because it hasn't worked before and certainly won't work now . . . now that we are heading into a depression.

The only thing that will attract jobs and businesses is to do away with what has been driving them away: TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT - and its cost.

Prune government back. Consolidate suburbs with their cities . . . and throw in with them all authorities and special districts providing traditional municipal services. Assign specific responsibilities to each level of government that is left over -- and allow no overlap or duplication. End all disconnects between those deciding how to spend money and those having to raise it. . . . and end all the special industrial development efforts that require large expenditures of money.

The time for reform is NOW.


Anonymous said...

The ties between government and EDGE are too cozy and can be considered conflict of interest. Which elected officials support EDGE? Where has EDGE had their most success? EDGE is a representative of Government not the business community. The greater business community does not identify with EDGE and sees it for what it is. Funding EDGE, ESD, Empire Zones, is nothing more than a shell game taking from taxpayers and then moving funds into government funded "economic development" programs which are administered by Government employees, directed by elected officials....who support these they get re-elected!Eliminate the programs across the board, reduce the cost and expense of government, and allow people and businesses to create economic development. This is the way to do it folks, but it won't happen, because it will not be supported by the elected officials.

Anonymous said...

The Airport Park is already a major employment center. Met, BNY Mellon, the bus company and others employee thousands of people.It is a sin that the area has been allowed to decline given the investment in our area made by these companies. In new job totals it is a far greater success than Griffiss. Money ought to be invested there to accomidate and encourage expansion by the companies already there and vital to our tax and employment base.

Anonymous said...

How do these people still keep getting elected? This is absolute nonsense and and an insult to ones intelligence. Stop the BS studying. Just incredible. Even the Oneida Indian proposal is hard to believe. I feel this money will go the same way the cigarette money went. Where is it? These people love to hear themselves think.

swimmy said...

Ah, but according to Mr. Hennesy, it took 5 years to spent the tobacco settlement money. $55 million is pennies to him. lol

Anonymous said...

Sure, but I still ask what do they have to show for the cigarette settlement? What infrastructure improvements, nano tech buildings, or tax reductions occurred. If passed and during the next 10 years most of the county players will seek a higher government office based on their statements of success. Then after this money runs out it will be retirement time and "bye for now"!!

Anonymous said...

To much government is right on. Start with the 29 legislators. Not one breath of legislative district consolidation is ever mentioned.