Friday, January 04, 2008

A Water Summit?

Sen. Griffo is trying to organize a meeting of the water suppliers in Herkimer, Oneida and Madison Counties to (per the O-D) "examine how to best address regional water needs and ensure water is available for drinking, developing the economy and recreation activities."

Oneida County Executive Picente reacted: "Anything that can be done to improve the understanding of water availability in the area and possibly result in a better job of working together to supply the water is a positive."

I am sure that Mr. Griffo means well.

But while a confab of water purveyors might be a good "networking" opportunity, like putting a bunch of teenagers together in a group and expecting them to teach themselves, it really is not the best way to learn about our water supplies. That comes from "cracking the books." And the first "book to crack" on this topic should be:

New York State Department of Health
Project CPWS-47
Herkimer-Oneida Counties, New York

Herkimer and Oneida Counties
Comprehensive Public Water Supply Study
November 1968
Malcolm Pirnie Engineers.

Available at your local county planning department.

Any discussion of regional water supply needs must use this document as a starting place.


Rebecca Mecomber said...

I'm sure that the southern states, particularly after the drought they've had, are reflecting on their water issues, also... but the question begs to be asked if any other region has as much ineptitude and so many problems with water distribution and authority?! We can't even say ours is the result of natural disasters (besides politicians' greenhouse gases).

Strikeslip said...

You raise a good point Mrs. M. There really are no water "issues" around here except those involving the MVWA and the Canal Corp. We don't hear of any problems in Rome (which serves Central Oneida County). . . or in Onondaga County (which serves portions of Western Oneida County). It seems that the issues are peculiar to the operations of these agencies and/or the resources that they control . . . and focusing on them would the the appropriate place to start.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Griffo your a few months late. I also thought the only county in your district that was mentioned is Oneida, check your district map.

I only see one problem and that is the Canal Authority. They have no one to answer to, they can do what they want an when they want. Drain a 25 Billion Gallon reservoir. The Water Authortiy has to answer to several towns plus the State Health Department, DEC, etc.