Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No Inventory!

An interesting article appeared in the OD this morning: "New York Mills debates factory's move from Utica." A company wants to move into the old Bonide plant . . . but a zoning variance (to reduce the separation from residences from 200 feet to 50 feet) will be required.

To be sure, this area, including New York Mills, is desperate for jobs. The company wants to expand from 50 to 100 jobs. Only a handful of property owners would be affected. Aren't they holding up progress? Are they "NIMBYs?"

I don't think so. Haven't we learned our lesson that shoving things down the throats of people who get no benefit is the wrong thing to do?

This is an area that is already developed. Designing buffer zones is likely out of the question.
The zoning law was put there for a reason. What has changed? No one is offering to buy the neighbors out. They should not be expected to sacrifice their property values for "the greater good."

Yesterday it was Ava and the landfill. Today, NYM and a handful of neighbors.

TOMORROW it will be NYRI and all this concern over the factory will be moot.

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The story is interesting on another level as well. In an accompanying article, we discover that:
The city is taking a city-wide inventory of marketable buildings, including industrial sites on Broad Street, Urban and Economic Development Commissioner Robert Sullivan said.

“You can't sell yourself until you know what you have to sell,” Sullivan said.
Sullivan, who about a week ago began leading the city's economic development efforts, said Utica will work closely with Mohawk Valley EDGE and Empire State Development Corporation to draw development to Utica.
DUH! They don't have an inventory of marketable buildings? Where was Utica all these years. Worse, what have ESDC and EDGE been doing?

Three levels of "industrial development" agencies, and no one has a regional inventory of marketable buildings.

The incompetence is amazing!


Anonymous said...

At least they are talking about using existing structures instead of the constant threat of sprawl-usually referred to as "growth".

The "how's" and the "why's" may show incompetence, but the "what" is surely encouraging. No need to expand water systems or increase taxes on the decreasing population. I believe, at least in part, that you have argued for both sides of the same coin here Strike.

Anonymous said...

for your information, the previous administration shredded everything they could get their hands on. and no one kept comprehensive records.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous...So if they shredded everything and you can prove that why don't be be a stand up guy and doing something about it. Names, what was shred and how it prevents you from doing your job as a new administration. May make a good story and it shows you have enough gumption's to show that this is why our area can't get out of it's own way