Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Albany Envy . . .

A series of articles appeared in the last couple days in the Buffalo News describing the transformation that has taken place in the Capital District economy . . . all at the considerable expense of and subsidy by us New York State Taxpayers everywhere.

While the articles suggest that the rotted communities west of Schenectady are "jealous," I think it is more frustration . . . frustration at a State Government that concentrates tons of our money into a handful of communities at the behest of certain political leaders, rather than spending the money on projects that will help all of Upstate be competitive --- such as making the Thruway Free.

What has taken place is not economic development. It is taking from all and giving to a few. This style of government needs to end.


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Anonymous said...

As Bruno said in a speech: “This area is going to get better and better and better around here.”

The operative words being "around here".