Thursday, January 24, 2008

OC's Stealth Rate Increase . . .

While everyone seems to be outraged over the 8+% increase in water rates proposed by the Mohawk Valley Water Authority, there is another part of our water bill that has just increased at almost double that rate . . . but with little notice . . . at least not until you get the bill.

That is the Oneida County Sewer Use Charge.

This was approved as one of the last acts of the County Legislature in 2007: Bill 423 to be exact, introduced by Messrs. Wood (Westmoreland area) and Porter (Boonville area) and seconded by Mrs. Mandryck (Ava area).

Was this done out of the public eye in secret? Of course not. It was done out in the open for all to see. The new rates were all set forth back in November. There was even a legal notice in the paper, and a public hearing down at the County Sewage Treatment Plant. And the Board of Legislators approved it in one of their famous public rubber stamping sessions with at 26-0 vote.

Of course, no where in the proposed rate schedule does it say that there is an INCREASE . . . .

And apparently no one on the legislature thought to ask or make an issue of it. Maybe no one raised a fuss because the bill was introduced and seconded by people from areas having nothing to do with the Part County Sewer District.

Everything was there out in the open . . . but no one noticed.

That's why it is a stealth increase.


Anonymous said...

Where is the media????? There should be an outrage. How about it Donna (OD) and Steve (Rome Sentinel)? Why do you continue to keep the voters in the dark? Do you want to continue to be part of the problem or part of the solution?

But lets face it - it is the voters fault. They elect these clowns and now they are stuck with the resulting tax increases.

Perfect example is Pam Mandryk, who has voted for every tax increase put in front of her. She is an embarrassment to the Republicans who live in her district. Yet the locals rubberstamp her back into office the same way she rubberstamps any tax increase.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

hah! Yeah, there sure is a big increase of sewage in Oneida County!

Anonymous said...

How many more tax increases will the public have to see BEFORE they REVOLT?

Is everyone BLIND in Oneida County. Look who is doing it...REPUBLICANS, primarily - although there are some DEMOCRATS who need to be ousted, too!

I am sick and tire of the b/s that we, the people must put up with. I cannot pay my mortgage and property taxes with all the sh*t that we are paying for.

When do we vote out the Mohawk Valley Water Authority and the idiots who are on it, especially those appointed jerks?

Anonymous said...

The County has it easy, they have a DOUBLE DIGIT rate increase and the MVWA gets the blame, why.... because the bill comes from the MVWA and the checks are made out to the MVWA. How perfect.

If you dont like the idiots @ the MVWA, don't elect the idiots who put them there.

Moving south2, I hear Atlanta, has a great Water Authority but no water. Stay north and be counted the rate hearing needed the more then 4 people.