Friday, January 18, 2008

More on the NYM Factory Debate

Today the O-D Editorial Board weighed in on the NYM factory debate on the side of granting the variance. A New Hartford resident weighed in similarly. Most persons posting on local forums seem to be saying the same things.

However, what is lacking on the part of the OD, the person from New Hartford, and some of the forum posters is a recognition of the fact that the neighbors perceive this variance as being at their own personal expense -- that government is taking something from them.

And the response from government is: . . . . none. The neighbors are completely ignored.

That is wrong.

I support granting a variance because we need the jobs ... but not without giving the affected people something in return in recognition that they are being asked to give up something. Perhaps a small tax break would be in order for properties within 200 feet (the area that would be affected by the variance.)

We need to get beyond the idea that government should step on individuals for the "greater good."


Anonymous said...

Who are the persons who are impacted? I read nothing that identifies who they are?

If these people are concerned, one would expect them to speak out?

My reading of this matter seems to center around one person, a Mrs. Christine Krupa, who is alleged to be a Town Councilwoman?

The only other thing I have read is someone is attacking Mayor Robert Maciol?

This matter seems more political than personal.

Anonymous said...

Robert Maciol has come out in favor of this plant. I think he has always had the village's best interest at heart.