Monday, July 21, 2014

Not the Immigration of Old . . .

Mayor Stephanie Miner has opened Syracuse's doors to accept immigrant children from Central America who have illegally entered the country.  The Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse is standing by, ready to help. While they may be commended for wanting to help children, is their compassion -- indeed, is America's compassion for helping the downtrodden -- being used against US?

In the decade following the 9/11/01 attacks -- during the alleged "War on Terror" -- it made no sense that our southern border was never sealed. It made no sense that Mexico, the US' supposed ally and trading partner, would facilitate illegal immigration by publishing a pamphlet in comic book style on "how to" best do it. It made no sense that the US tolerated actions by the Mexican government and Mexican government officials that would undermine US interests and sovereignty.

The nonsense has only gotten worse.

We are told that "coyotes" are paid $8,000 to $12,000 a head to smuggle people in. A person with a good job in Mexico, such as an auto worker, makes $20 A DAY. $10,000 would represent about 2 years' work.  It would be more difficult for people in the poorer countries of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador to amass this sum.

Where is the money coming from?

Why should it be so expensive to go, perhaps, 1,500 miles, when airline tickets (not to mention bus tickets) are cheap?

Why are parents willing to let their children go on such a journey?  Or are they?

Why has Mexico entered into an agreement with Guatemala giving Guatemalans 72 hours in Mexico to facilitate travel to the US?                                                                                                                          
Utilizing a law designed to oppose human trafficking, the taxpayer now, somehow, is required to afford these children a hearing.  A hearing on what?

Somehow the taxpayer is now expected to pay to "reunite" these children with loved ones.  With who? The family that placed them in harm's way?

US citizens have to show all sorts of ID to be allowed on a plane, but these illegals merely have to show a copy of their letter to appear in court?

There is so much here that makes no sense . . . unless you open yourself to the possibility that this has all been planned.

Allen West has posted a disturbing interview with a former Border Patrol agent Zack Taylor who says that the immigrant surge bears the hallmarks of "asymetrical warfare" -- which seeks to destroy the infrastructure of a nation from within. It is well worth the 15 minutes watch time.

Whether you agree with Mr. Taylor or not, one thing is clear . . .

The immigration we see now across our southern border is not the immigration of old.



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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Bishop will be asking for monthly Hope Appeal monies to support this undertaking. While churches and Catholic schools are closing ,the Bishop just goes along and uses the Hope Appeal as his personal piggybank.