Thursday, July 17, 2014

Now It Makes Sense!

OD: State: Extended school day mandatory.  Now the 90% participation rate grant requirement for the schools proposed for extended hours makes sense. Attendance will be compulsory. A 90% participation rate could never be achieved on a voluntary basis.

Students need unstructured time to explore their own interests, and non-school time for various activities like sports or scouts, a part-time job (eg. delivering papers or in the family business), or volunteer activities.  Parents need time to develop their own relationships with their children and inculcate their values.

More time in compulsory education means less time for families and individuals.

This is a step toward longer school days for everyone. . . more government dependency (school breakfast, lunch and now dinner?  School health clinics.  School babysitting.)  In short: more government control over the population.  

Enough already! 


Anonymous said...

UCSD turn down money....... NEVER! The more money and programs the more administrators receiving additional pay. When the grant goes away the taxpayers will be paying the full freight. Just remember and keep saying over and over IT IS JUST FOR THE KIDS!

Dave said...

Create a genius. Bore your child. Do not provide a young mind with activities and the answers you wish you had. They cannot build a world with your wisdom. They can only gain wisdom by work. They will only work if they want. Spoiled children do not want badly enough to discover their genius.