Thursday, July 03, 2014

Getting Closer . . .

A few days ago, we noted that the Federal Government was looking at sites in Buffalo and Rochester to house illegal immigrants.   Now Capitol Confidential reports that a location in Albany is being considered as a "potential refugee relocation" site for housing some of the thousands of children from Central America illegally pouring over our southern border.

Breitbart posts a video revealing that many illegal immigrants are given, at OUR cost,  bus tickets to the interior of our country.

How is this not ENCOURAGING more to come?

This is a crisis that has been created by our own government for the purpose of justifying congressional or executive action to somehow legalize what is happening for political reasons.

We don't need "immigration reform," we need enforcement of our existing laws!

Ultimately we will bear the cost of all this.


Anonymous said...

Soon after they will all come to Oneida County and be "settled" in Utica, the refugee center, catholic charity and every other social service agency will be all too happy to make it happen. More "clients" mean more money and bigger budgets.

Anonymous said...

They will surely be welcomed here. We thrive on government programs and wards of the state.