Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Biting Off More Than It Can Chew?

Per the OD Utica Schools are asking for a year before implementing a longer school day at select schools. Originally this was going to be started this fall on a voluntary basis.  What happened?
The hope is that longer days might lead to higher test scores. But in order to receive the full $4.1 million, the district must have 90 percent student participation in the voluntary program.
90% student participation?  Is there 90% student participation in the compulsory (regular school) program as opposed to a "voluntary" program?

Let's face it, the students who need "extra help" the most are probably the same ones who think school is a waste of time because they get little out of it.  Why would they volunteer for more of the same?

A compulsory extended-day program would only "trap" such students, lead to behavior problems, and, perhaps, deprive them of time for other (non-school) activities, such as a part-time job, that might be of bigger benefit to them in the long run.

Rather than extended time, the school district should explore how it can make better use of the time that it already has. There is more to education than going after grant money.

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