Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's a . . . . Permit!

Finally, after more than 10 years the Army Corps of Engineers has issued a permit for the Marcy Chip-Fab . . . or should I say Marcy Nanocenter . . . site. Per the OD . . .
Cuomo said the news is an important step forward in his plans to make the Utica area a hub for nanoscale science research and manufacturing. 
“This new hub will recreate in Utica the success we have seen in Albany, with international investors taking note of innovation and development in Upstate New York,” he said in a release, referring to the successful nanotechnology sector that has developed in the Capitol Region. 

Let's hope so!

While we should be skeptical whether NY's venture into "state capitalism" a/k/a "public-private partnership" a/k/a "crony capitalism" will pan out into sustainable economic recovery, we can at least celebrate the end of a ridiculously convoluted process (thanks to the Federal Government) and, hopefully, the beginning of some accomplishment.

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Dave said...

Those in the Utica area who believe Cuomo truly supports any development or aid to the area instead of spending it in Albany and downstate will meet tonight at 7:00 p.m. to all stand on the manhole cover in the center of the old Busy Corner intersection. It's quite safe there, any time of day.