Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Paladino Platform . . .

Virtually no campaign literature is out there from the Republicans for Paladino. In fact, it has been obvious from the day he won the primary in a landslide that the Republican party has done nothing to support its duly elected candidate ... No surprise there.

The Republican elite have never been receptive to candidates that have been selected by their members, especially candidates who think for themselves, because THEIR power over the party (and any spoils) is threatened.  Local examples of such non-support include Assemblyman Townsend (where the party elite gave him constant primaries), Mr. Longeretta's bid for DA, and Mr. Hanna's first bid for congress.

One piece of Paladino campaign literature did make it to my house, though none of my neighbors got it. It was a simple, black-and-white two-sided printed sheet. . . . It was substance, not form . . . Like the man it represents.
Here is a link to more platform information.
Don't judge a book by its cover . . . Look at what the candidates stand for . . . Then decide.


Dave said...

In particular, I reacted to, "As Governor of New York, ... Carl Paladino will make rightsizing, merger and cost-cutting experts available to local governments and their taxpayers to encourage fee and tax reductions at the local level."

Thanks, Carl, but we don't want your cost cutting advice. We want our money back. Cut your own costs in Albany.

Anonymous said...

There is literature out for Paladino/Edwards but I don't think it was mailed. They are relying on local Republican committees to hand deliver it.