Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not Time for Redlich . . .

Warren Redlich made an impression (a good one) when he appeared in that 7-way governor-candidate circus debate.  He was on WIBX yesterday and said all the right things.

But this is not the time to vote for Redlich.

Mr. Redlich should have given Mr. Lazio a primary for the Republican slot . . . But he did not.  (Mr. Redlich ran for Congress in '06 as a Republican).   Mr. Paladino did and fought an uphill battle against the Republican Party elites to earn his place on the ballot.  Mr. Redlich should do the same . . . next time.

In the mean time, those holding conservative values should get behind the candidate who had to earn his place on the ballot.  He might not fit the image you had hoped for . . . but the fact that he beat the insiders should count for something.


Wiseburn said...

Without your own or special interest money. It is extremely difficult to petition your way onto a recognized party primary. It requires door-door campaigning to get only valid Republican Signatures.

Redlich was unable to gather the support to get on the Republican primary ballot, so went the independent route where any registered voter can sign petitions.

In 2008, Redlich was supporting Ron Paul in the presidential primaries while Paladino gave the maximum to Hillary Clinton.

Help send a message to Albany to "Stop Wasting Money" by voting for Redlich.

Strikeslip said...

Redlich is a Republican who should have tried to petition his way onto the Republican ticket just like Paladino, and let the voters decide. Instead he took the easy way out.

The ONLY candidate of the seven who had to be tested at the polls get on the ballot was Paladino. Why is that so easily dismissed?

The fact that Paladino gave the max to Hillary does not bother me. It proves that he will think independently instead of as instructed. That is what people are looking for. The Republicans blew their chance at helping Upstate where their base supposedly was. Things after Patacki were worse than when he started. Hillary was the first national level candidate to shine a spot on Upstate's problems and gained support for that.

Is the election about "sending a message" or changing leadership? The message to "Stop Wasting Money" will never reach Albany via Redlich because every vote for Redlich splits the vote and will help Cuomo to win.

Warren Redlich said...

The easy way out? This has certainly not been easy.

Strikeslip said...

Thanks for commenting, Warren. I'm sure you've worked very hard, but a primary was avoided. . . and That deprived the Republican voters of the chance of making you their candidate.

Mr. Lazio was soundly rejected. He appropriately stepped aside and gave up his Conservative slot after he lost the primary. I did not like Lazio because he knew so little about Upstate when he ran against Hillary. However, his stepping aside raised my estimation of him as a person and a potential leader. That meant that he considered the issues more important than his own aspirations. I will pay more attention to him in the future for that. I only wish that the Republican party elite had followed suit and gotten behind the candidate chosen by their members.

The Democrats have been taken over by radicals. The Republicans have been taken over by progressives. That leaves little choice to the people.

Primaries . . . for both parties . . . are what will get us back on track.

Eric Sundwall said...

'Both' parties have bankrupted and polluted this state and country. There is no getting back on track.

Why even ply 'the only way to win' line ? Republicans and Conservatives of all ranks should feel betrayed by the bringing of Lazio (or Levy).

Whatever merit Paladino deserves for conquering the primary has long since lost it's luster. Supporting him endangers all future credibility with the centrist independents now abandoning that option.

Caputo and his merry band of henchmen found a sugar daddy and they milked him for everything they could. The whole idea of the "tea Party' has subsequently been hijacked by these fools.

Rewarding them with a vote will only encourage future monstrosities. If anything, your vote has been liberated. Send them a real message, vote Redlich.

Strikeslip said...

If Paladino gets in, he will be shifting the stance of the NYS Republican party. He is who the Republican VOTERS chose as their standard bearer. Suggesting otherwise is simply elitism.