Monday, May 05, 2008

What's In a Number?

People are agonizing over what to do when the phone numbers in Area Code 315 run out: Do we add a new area code on top of what we have now, and run the risk of getting trigger finger punching in 11 digits whenever we make a call? Do we split the region apart, with businesses in the new area code zone being forced to change their business cards, letterheads and advertising?

Of course, new phones can be programmed with numbers, reducing dialing. And whenever a new area code has been created, there is a transition period when the old one will still work -- providing time to use up the old letterhead and purchase new.

I'm looking on the bright side: If a split is done right (with counties being kept intact as proposed by Sen. Griffo) there is an opportunity for Utica-Rome to have its own identity. . . the Area Code can become a marketing tool, perhaps more accurately locating us on the map than "Mohawk Valley."

Welcome to ###!


Anonymous said...

I'm confused as to how that area is running out of phone numbers. I thought populations was decreasing.

That said, it's not a big deal. When I first moved to NC, my area code was 910, now it's 336. It really wasn't a problem for anyone to change. It biggest problem was on business cards and letter heads.

Greens and Beans said...

Hey, I got an idea! . . . How about changing all of the telephone area codes exclusively in West Utica? Seeing that the City Officials are in favor of the New York State Department of Transportation’s Route 12 revitalization project that entices the ostracizing and segregation of West Utica citizens anyway, these people deserve their own telephone area code. Then, after they chase all of the remaining businesses away from West Utica to seek the opiate of all commercial Nirvana of elitist New Hartford, look to their cost savings of not having these businesses forced to revamp their advertizing to reflect merely a new telephone area code. They might as well add their new prestigious business address too.

This only bolsters a familiar chant of late: Utica looses out again. And sadly Utica facilitates this loss via their all too helpful hand, all over again.