Friday, May 30, 2008

Playing By the Rules in NYM - Not - Pt 2

More thoughts on the NYM-Oriskany Manufacturing situation:

Although the Village may be within its right not to defend a lawsuit or to bring an action to enforce a law (i.e., withholding an action -- sometimes called "prosecutorial discretion"), Village officials are still required to follow the law in their own actions. Village Officials take an oath to uphold the law.

Will a Village official knowingly approve a building permit for a project that violates the law?

Judges also take an oath to uphold the law. Whether a party defaults in defending itself (such as the Village) or there is simply incompetent representation, a judge still is required to follow the law.

Will a judge knowingly approve a project that violates a local law?

Watching what these officials do will tell the public just how far down the "slippery slope" we have allowed our society to go.

[Part 1]

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Anonymous said...

If Maciol, with his high school education, thinks he can legislate through the back door, then he'd better go back to school. Stay tuned folks, it's far from over.