Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Do As We Say -- Or Else . . .

That's what the Utica School Board is telling the voters. Either voters give the Board what it wants (60 new positions and new programs) , or the Board will use its power to raise taxes as punishment.

The arrogance of this board is only matched by its incompetence.

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Greens and Beans said...

After reading the Observer Dispatch article, I am perplexed. If the Utica voters opt to vote in the new $125 million 2008-09 spending plan that is about $8 million larger than the present budget, their taxes will remain the same – for now. However, if they vote the proposed budget down, their taxes will go up. Anyone who has to contend with employing workers realizes that wages and fringe benefits are the largest expense of conducting business. I invite anyone to demonstrate to me how I can hire 60 new positions and have my bottom-line remain the same? Notwithstanding the fact that the proposed spending plan has an additional State Aid component, how does a contingency budget, that is $8 million and 60 employees lighter, carry a substantial tax increase? Then to have some of the School board members express an extortionist statement like “PASS THIS PROPOSAL OR PAY” seems to fly in the face of logic.

I must admit, this sort of “New Math” is escaping my comprehension.