Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Get Over the EDGE

Looks like contract renewal time is coming around again for EDGE, and was discussed at a County legislative committee meeting. Another $400,000+ of Oneida County money will be given to EDGE to "lead the county’s economic growth efforts" and to "administer the county’s Empire Zone program." EDGE's budget is $2.2 million. The balance comes from state and federal grants "and donations from businesses and the 45 governing board members."

The people who pay get to play. Why should OUR economic development decisions be controlled by a group of insiders who have paid admission to protect their turf?
As the discussion wound down, Legislator Larry Tanoury Jr., D-25, who is not a member of Economic Development & Tourism, asked if there is analysis of what the return is from government incentives provided to businesses. Shortly after Tanoury raised the topic, Committee Chairman Michael D. Damsky, R-14, New Hartford, adjourned the session, paving the way for another committee meeting.
Typical Oneida County maneuvering: someone asks good questions and the meeting gets abruptly shut down.

Keep asking those questions Larry! Even when you don't get an answer, the response to them tells the voters all that we need to know.


Anonymous said...

I am also very enthusiastic after seeing Mr. Tanoury at work. Thats a HARD job trying to do right amid all the agendas and incompetence. MOST interesting is how they try to shut him down.

Honestly Strike.. don't these realize how obvios this all is?

Anonymous said...

Strike, thank you for the encouragement! As you know, it gets rather lonely being the only one willing to ask the important questions. However I will continue to ask them, and will continue to demand accountability from these agencies and "authorities."

Thanks again!


clipper said...

Strike, Those of you who know me from clipper's busy corner, know what an avid fan of Larry Tanoury Jr. I am. He is a brilliant young man with a "bigger than life" dedication to "right".

I "campaigned" for him from here in Tennessee during his run for the post he holds now. He has a bright future, and has the stuff we need to get some things changed. Hopefully with another election, we will get some more young, new, blood on the board, and some REAL change will come about.

Keep up the good fight Larry!! I am proud to see what you are doing already, and you are only a few months into your term.

When you count your supporters, don't forget this old goat temporarily exiled to Tennessee. I am proud to stand and be counted in that group!!

Thanks again Strike for the factual info you bring to whatever forum you post on. We appreciate your inputs on Clipper's Busy Corner.

Anonymous said...

Since my original question was never posted, I'll try again.

Why doesn't Larry ask these questions of EDGE instead of playing political theater?

Anonymous said...

No response, Larry?

Strikeslip said...

My two cents worth: I think Larry asked questions of the appropriate body. EDGE works for the County under contract, and what EDGE does is ultimately the responsibility of the County. If the County, thru EDGE, is giving away tax breaks and other incentives, then the COUNTY should be able to articulate what return, if any, the County has received.

Far from "political theater," which implies that Larry is only play acting to curry favor with the voters, Larry is asking a simple question that other legislators should have asked several times by now. The fact that no one on the Board of Legislators has apparently asked such a question in an open meeting, but instead everyone each year rubber-stamps the EDGE contract, tells me that the "political theater" really is the Board of Legislators: they play that they are legislating, when actually they are only following the orders of their higher ups.

Anonymous said...

I think Strike said all that needs saying, but here is a link to exactly what happened and a copy of the entire text of my speech. I would remind anonymous that I did attempt to ask the questions in the appropriate committee, but when I'm shut down they leave me with no other option than to take my questions and concerns to the floor. The mere fact that these questions raised so many eyebrows tells me that something isn't right.

The story and speech...

Anonymous said...

So, are you telling me that EDGE doesn't meet regularly with the County Legislature? I would hope that they'd meet quarterly or something to discuss projects.