Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shovel Ready?

Per the Times Union AMD has just filed papers with the Towns of Malta and Stillwater, hoping to obtain a building permit for its $3.2B chip fab plant . . . "by the end of December."

I guess even Joe Bruno cannot make the wheels of local government in New York State turn that fast.
Of course, AMD has yet to decide to officially commit to the project . . .

An agreement with the state gives AMD until July 31, 2009, to move ahead with the project and still be eligible for $1.2 billion in incentives for the plant.
Do you wonder what ever happened to the Pataki-era concept of sites being pre-permitted so that projects would be ready to turn the shovel within 90 days of closing?

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Here's a little news clip out of Plattsburgh: Bombardier is looking at US locations for assembling planes now that the dollar has gotten so cheap. It seems that we have a location tailor made for this kind of business in Utica-Rome . . . maybe even two locations (if we could dump that ridiculous Homeland Security School). . . and a local workforce training program in the aviation field to boot.

Will MV EDGE put in a bid?

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