Monday, February 11, 2008

The Hot Potato

The Observer-Dispatch is calling for an end to the Pylman investigation, with a report of no findings.
That’s what Council Attorney Anthony Garramone should have done. Garramone guided the Investigatory Committee through the inquiry and resigned on the final day of testimony nearly one year ago.
But was the work really completed? And why the resignation at such a critical time? And what makes the O-D think that everything is OK? Something does not smell right.

Things are still amiss in the Utica Police Department.

There is still that "little" matter of forgery that everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten . . . no not of time cards, but of evidence. Just before the election we read in the Observer-Dispatch how Utica Police forged a police laboratory DNA report to try to trick a suspect into confessing to a crime. Oh, the O-D was careful not to call it forgery, and Chief Pylman and DA McNamara tried to minimize what had been done. But forgery is what it was . . . and forgery is a crime.

Until the matter of the falsified DNA report is taken care of, it is too soon to end any investigation.

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Law & Order said...


This is a tad off topic, however, there are many of us who would like to know what Scott McNamara is doing about the Town of New Hartford wrongdoings, too.

Seems like McNamara is failing in his due diligence in these matters or is he just another political puppet?