Monday, November 26, 2007

What's He Talking About?

Yeah, New York is falling apart at the seams, it seems. . . . So Mr. Schumer is proposing to send more federal funds our way.

Great! We'll take all the help we can get! . . . . But . . .
“We just had a terrible situation where Lowe's wanted to put one of its major warehouses in Oneida County. And they couldn't come because there was no water or sewer and there was no money for water or sewer to build what was necessary. To build this major warehouse that would have employed eight hundred to a thousand people,” said Schumer."
Now where does that story come from? Rome has plenty of water, sewer and space . . . so there should have been no problems in locating in Oneida County.

If the Loews planned to use the Sauquoit Creek Sewer Line of the O.C. Part County Sewer District, or MVWA water outside of MVWA's current service area . . . there might be problems. But those would have nothing to do with the lack of funds and everything to do with local incompetence and mismanagement.

Who is feeding Mr. Schumer such a tale?


Anonymous said...

Letting the Oneida County Cat Out Of the Bag in Auburn

A proposed Lowe’s warehouse in Oneida County is news to me! Notwithstanding, I am not disquieted by the fact that the local media was ignorant as well as scooped of this frustrating news. With all of the diverse taxpayer funded economic development entities operating in the greater Oneida County region, one would think that they would have some semblance of loyalty and alert the media of this failed opportunity. Where were our local elected officials when the Lowe’s corporation decided that Oneida County’s infrastructure was deemed substandard to support a warehouse? Was U.S. Senator Charles Schumer guilty of “letting the cat out of the bag” in terms of using this surreptitious news to bolster his point for the need for Congressional appropriations to rebuild the Industrial Northeast’s crumbling infrastructure?

How will the Senator explain this one to the seemingly sleeping Oneida County local media? Moreover, how will he explain this blunder to his backers at the Alien Covert Central Office Complex back in Walesville?

Anonymous said...

I heard the Pumpkin Patch in Frankfort is the the site that is currently under review for Lowe's
No matter where it goes, does everyone win?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Chuck was loosly paraphrasing the Issue with the New Hartford Lowes into and exagerrated lie... not thinking the tale would actually make it back up here.