Monday, February 19, 2007

Prestwick Glen . . . Hit from Two Directions . . .

First we're hit with the news that the wealthy new residents of the Prestwick Glen project won't pay their fair share of taxes because of an agreement Glen parent Presbyterian Homes entered into with the Town of New Hartford. NOW we find out that the Oneida County Industrial Development Agency actually issued bonds last year to support this development!

It sure looks like local government serving special interests again!

Cathy at New Hartford Online has done a great job digging up all the sordid details and machinations in two posts: "Preswick Glen and Oneida County Industrial Development" and "Prestwick-the Saga Continues". Give them a read.

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever looked into the same people being on the so many of the same boards and or decision making panels when it comes to economic development?
Also how come we have so many new faces working at EDGE?

Silence Dogood