Tuesday, February 06, 2007

How Presumptuous...

The story about NYRI in today's OD was disturbing in its implications.

In response to some proposed federal legislation that would curb federal power,

"New York Regional Interconnect hit back in a news release, saying that blocking the proposed line could "put our state on a path toward slower economic growth, degraded and insecure infrastructure and loss of opportunity, jobs and local tax revenues." "

"OUR STATE??" We don't really know who NYRI is, though, from what little is known, they appear to be Canadian investors. Who is NYRI to speak for the state? With higher electric rates, NYRI's proposal will be be another nail in upstate's coffin. New York has already put itself on a path toward lost opportunity, but we don't need outsiders to tell us how to run our household. When the situation hurts downstate enough (those who would benefit from NYRI), New Yorkers will find a solution that is fair to ALL New Yorkers. How dare a private company try to impose its will on a region.

How dare the federal government cooperate!

As most us older folks learned in school, the federal government is supposed to be limited, with most of the powers of government reserved to the states and the people. But the Congress and the courts have year-by-year expanded the role of the federal government into aspects of our lives the would make the Founding Fathers roll over in their graves.

NYRI's statement reflects an attitude that unfortunately has been accepted by government: that private corporations know what is best for the people. Those who have the inside track with government officials can get what they want. The courts seem to have gone along with this (as in the Kelo decision).

When the general public no longer feels safe and secure in their homes, the government is not doing its job. We are fast approaching that point.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think the growth of Upstate can possibly slow down anymore, which is sad. The more I hear about NYRI, the more pissed off I get. They are trying their hardest to kill my home, and my home is already on life-suport.