Monday, February 19, 2007

Data Centers, Chip Fabs and Water On the Brain

A recent article in "The Communicator," a publication of the Public Employees Federation, reveals that the State had better be ready for a fight if it continues with its Pataki-era plan to move state data operations from Albany to Utica. The union claimed that the project was not financially feasible when first proposed at a $75 million cost. Now the estimate is $99.5 million. Does it make any sense for a new administration to take on this mounting cost?

As much as the data center would be a shot in the arm for the Utica area, the state should not do this if it makes no sense financially and otherwise ... just like it makes no sense to for the state to spend an extra $300 million to prepare Luther Forest for the AMD chip fab plant when Marcy is ready now.

In that vein, our new county executive, Mr. Picente, was heard on WIBX this weekend offering a new excuse on why Marcy lost the chip fab: the water fight between the Mohawk Valley Water Authority and the State Canal Corp. Of course that is rubbish. (1) The Marcy site already has a water supply, while Luther Forest has to develop a new one (groundwater supplies there are inadequate). (2) The Water Authority is already permitted to serve the Marcy site (as MVWA's service area map makes clear), so there is no permit application for the water fight to hold up. (3) If the Water Authority does not continue with its expansionist plans in the western part of the County (like serving Turning Stone, Vernon and Sherrill), there is plenty of water within the capacity of the existing treatment plant to serve Greater Utica, including the Marcy chip fab site.

That Mr. Picente seems to be making new excuses for our losing the chip fab, and, simultaneously, siding with MVWA on the water fight (to the detriment of future Greater Utica and Herkimer County residents) makes it apparent that he is beholden to the same politics and special interests as his last (at least) 2 predecessors.

Same old same old . . . .


Anonymous said...

STRIKESLIP: Great article! I need some help because of what I "overheard" the other day at breakfast.

I was informed that the City of Utica had signed an Agreement with the Mohawk Valley Water Authority which appears to have been the subject of an acquired piece of real estate by the Sitrin Home, New Hartford, New York.

Given the Sitrin's recent NYS Grant in excess of $10,000,000...are the taxpayers within the City of Utica not receiving revenue for something of value.

Are these tax exempt organizations be allowed to "rape" the general public in the name of "care" to our senior citizens.

Something smells and I need some help from anyone who has some knowledge of what appears to be more shenanigans between and amongst our politicians to further their political careers - at taxpayers expense.

I wonder what else is on the horizon?

Strikeslip said...

Don't know, Arkangel, but perhaps a search of deeds at the Oneida County Clerk's website would be revealing . . . OOPS ... forgot ... the powers that be have taken them offline. Guess we'll just have to look for some free time to truck downtown to search things.

RomeHater said...

That was a good one. Did anyone EVER find a social security number scanned in those records?

The chip fab plants brings to mind the bioterror facility situation. For all of Teddy Kennedy's hard work wheeler-dealing, the people in MA decided they didn't want it and Rome is yet again trying to get on the short list.

From what I've heard, people who work at these facilities for six fogures, don't want to live in hickville. They want to live near a big city and enjoy all the fancy downtime they can. I don't know how affluent chip fab plant employees are, but I know who runs the State Senate, and that won't change until we get term limits.