Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Blogger Ranks Thin Again

After a brief awakening and some quick-fire, well-written posts, the Mohawk Valley View Blog is no more.

Blogging is time-consuming, and can interfere with other endeavors (including mundane things like paying bills, doing laundry and balancing the check book). We understand why Mrs. Mecomber has decided to close her blog.

Nonetheless, her entertaining posts and insights will be missed.

Good luck to you, Mrs. Mecomber, in whatever you do.

This is sad, not only because we will miss her posts, but because there is strength in numbers, and the numbers have decreased. Politicians tell us that people "are clamoring" for this or that -- but often the impression is false, and is given to implement some private agenda. Blogs help expose what the public really feels . . . but for that to be accurate, the more bloggers the better.

Additionally, everyone has a unique perception of the events of the day. Some through specialized knowledge, their station in life, having a special interest and a willingness to do research, or just being in the right place at the right time, may have a perspective that others can benefit from. Blogging can be an outlet for that.

Hopefully more bloggers will rise from the ranks to take Mrs. Mecomber's place. If you are blogging about Utica-Rome-Mohawk Valley news and views, Fault Lines will provide a link to help you get started with some traffic.

Join the regional conversation.


Mrs. Mecomber said...

Thank you for your gracious words. One quickie note: I do still maintain my New York Traveler blog (www.newyorktraveler.blogspot.com). It seems to require less of my attention and at a better time (summertime, when classes are few and I go a-travelin'). My NYT blog was recently featured by the Manhattan's User Guide! :)

I will miss blogging about the Mohawk Valley, but you can count on a few comments here and there from me. I love your blog, Strikeslip, and you do a great service to our community. I hope others heed your advice and begin blogging, as our area does need input.

Strikeslip said...

Thanks for telling me about NY Traveler. And congratulations on the feature in the Manhattan Users Guide.