Monday, September 02, 2013

Not Nearly Skeptical Enough!

WKTV quoted Congressman Hanna as saying:
"The actions of the Syrian regime against its own people are heinous and go against all tenets of human decency.  . . ."
Our congressman has apparently already accepted as fact that the Assad government has gassed its own people. . . . But based on what? . . . John Kerry's say so? (A lot of Vietnam Vets wouldn't trust this guy.)  Do we know for sure that rebel factions are not responsible?

Can this administration be trusted to give truthful and accurate information to Congress and the American People?  Did a "You-Tube Video" cause the Benghazi attack? . . .  I don't think so.
"The American people need to know that any potential action in Syria would help achieve clearly-defined, limited and attainable policy goals that further U.S. interests in the region."
You said a mouthful there, Mr. Congressman! What "clearly-defined . . . policy goals" will be achieved? What U. S. "interests"  will be furthered? Please identify the goals and interests to your constituents.

Can this administration be trusted to give a truthful portrayal of "policy goals"and "interests" to Congress and the American People?  What "policy goals" and "interests" have been advanced in Libya? What "policy goals" and "interests" have been advanced in Egypt?  Are they American "policy goals?" Are they American "interests?"  It seems that the only goals and interests getting advanced have been those of the Muslim Brotherhood . . . which has led to slaughter of Christians and burning of churches.  

No surprise here . . . when James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, essentially described the Muslim Brotherhood as a bunch of "good guys."

No surprise here . . . when the top aide to Fmr. Secretary of State Clinton, Huma Abedin, comes from a family steeped in Muslim Brotherhood. (How does someone with familial connections to the Muslim Brotherhood get the security clearance for a top government position?)

Mr. Congressman, you are not nearly skeptical enough!


Anonymous said...

The entire matter has been mishandled and one hopes Hanna does not lend to it. Obama made a huge error with his baloney red line comments. To answer that with a "shot against the bow" will be a waste of time, money and lives. If we cannot get rid of Assad, what is the point? Are we to bomb every country who kills its own people? Our arsenal of bombs will never be large enough.

In most respects, Hanna has turned out to be a light weight with few brains and less guts.

Anonymous said...

Hanna has not yet received his talking points and marching orders from the Speaker. The puppet Hanna will do and say exactly as he is told.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that Hanna always seems to state the obvious? He invariably sounds like a light weight. But, sadly most in the Beltway do. I will be intersted in reading his talking point when he votes to approve this meaningless military adventure.