Thursday, September 05, 2013

Chinese Chickens?

Almost 3 years ago it was Chinese Garlic  that got me thinking about trade policy and gave me a big case of agita.  Now it's the prospect of importing Chinese Chicken that is making my stomach turn!

What are our bureaucrats thinking of?

In the name of free trade we give a potential enemy the means of attacking us biologically ... Sorry ... We have the means internally to satisfy our need for chicken and do not need to take this risk.

This is a failure of our system of narrow-focus administrative agencies that cannot or refuse to comprehend the bigger picture. It's not in their job description.

And Congress, which has the power to do something about this, is either bound by their political ideologies and allegiances or entirely missing in action.  No one protects ordinary citizens any more.


Anonymous said...

The answer is pretty simple and does not require government action; Do not buy chicken imported from China.

Anonymous said...

Check out the salted Chinese pumpkin seeds at Chanatry's too.

Kind of makes me laugh in that Chanatry's wanted no competition in close proximity(old TRW/Bendix property), but it has no problem what-so-ever in promoting global competition to local agriculture ...... bit of a double standard don't you think.