Wednesday, September 11, 2013

County Mission Creep . . .

OD: $500,000 could be available for flood mitigation in Oneida Co.
A proposal made Monday by Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente . . . could provide municipalities with a chunk of $500,000 to help put a dent in the bill’s associated with flood mitigation projects . . . “This region has been dealing with numerous issues with flooding the past few years,” Picente said. “This past storm really exposed a lot of the flaws in creek beds and streams that we were able to look at afterward and say, ‘Ah, that’s the problem.’”
The problem, Mr. Picente, is not "flaws in creek beds and streams," but, rather, flaws in Town-level decision making on where to allow development and the form that the development should take.

New Hartford's now-legendary storm-water problems are self-induced ... created by allowing development in the wrong places, allowing developers to get away without mitigating the impacts of their developments, and taking monies reserved for addressing adverse impacts and using them to foster more development.

Town of New Hartford government and its cronies have benefited richly from the development, induced by cutting corners, in the form of tax revenue and reduced development costs.  The Town's taxpayers, meanwhile,  have had to fork over millions to fix storm water problems created by poorly regulated development in the past only to see new developments create new problems.

And now the richest municipality in Oneida County will soon have help from ALL County taxpayers?

Lines need to be drawn as to what level of government is responsible for what service.  Storm water management has always been the responsibility of the local municipality because the local municipality has direct control over development.  Not allowing development in harm's way, and not allowing development that creates runoff and harm to others, eliminates the need to fix "flaws in creek beds and streams."

The County should not ding all its taxpayers to reward poor decision making on the Town level.


Anonymous said...

Although your conclusion about development is correct, you leave outa few facts. One, Oneida County Planning pretty much approved all of the zoning that permitted the development you describe. Two, the county taxpayer has gained significant revenue from New Hartford growth. Although one could argue that the growth may have taken place in other locations, we just do not know. Finally, the OCIDA, has grated quite a bit of tax relief to various developments as has the Town, thus reducing revenue for services.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the Oneida County Soil & Water District (OCSWD) will be given the $500,000 AND already has a listing of who has been designated to received these funds. Will New Hartford receive the bulk of these funds? Who are the next group of "family & friend?"

I heard that the OSCWD is tied to the hips with the Town of New Hartford.

Anonymous said...

If you do not think this money will be given out politically, you still believe in Santa Clause. Plus most Republican votes come from New Hartford.