Friday, March 25, 2011

A Two State Solution?

A friend sent me a link to the following article from the Binghamton newspaper: Lawmakers seek two-state solution for N.Y.
Should New York become two states?

 And once again, some state lawmakers have introduced a bill that would allow counties to hold a referendum on whether the state should be separated into upstate and downstate.
Looking at the population stats released yesterday, it is clear that Upstate NY -- above the NYC area and west of the taxpayer-subsidized Capital District -- is in trouble.  This does not make sense given the growth in the rest of the country and Upstate having the natural resources, unless downstate-mentored state policies are holding us back. Unfortunately,  the US Supreme Court says that we cannot have the form of government that worked up until the 1960s.

Is the "Two State Solution" our only option?


pcn said...

In this two-state solution, no prizes for guessing which part would be Israel and which part would be Palestine ...

Anonymous said...

This area in the 90's missed out on the greatest economic boom this country has ever seen. The problem is incompetence, corruption, & just plain stupidity on the part of area leadership, past & present. The problem lies not with downstate, it's upstate & it's political games & parochial sensibilities {particulary in the Mohawk Valley} that has brought us to this point.

Anonymous said...

Amen...............Anonymous has hit the nail right on the head!!A lot of fault also belongs to the people who don't get out to vote and change the leadership. Locally, a recent election proves the point when they did't turn out the vote to remove Roann Destito from office.

Anonymous Too