Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Astroturf in Utica 2 . . .

Another day, another public employee protest in "solidarity" with Wisconsin teachers depicted in the OD.

It's interesting how local unionists can raise a noisy ruckus over the partial loss of bargaining rights (limited to certain employee benefits) by employees in a state that is 1200 miles away.  Yet, without a word from them over many years, their Federal government entered into foreign trade deals which cost the jobs of literally thousands of Upstate New Yorkers, many of whom were union members, who either are no longer here, or can no longer afford to pay the salaries of the protesters.  Why would a protest like this attract public sympathy in an area like ours where incomes are low, but taxation is high?

Is union leadership really concerned with the well being of their members . . . or with the political power that an organized society brings? 

What's the real agenda?
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April 3 update: 
Matt Tabor had an interesting post on this subject: It's For the Kids (and My 15% Pay Raise).


Anonymous said...

If union leadership is out for political power, the reason is to counteract Corpotate America's total disregard for American workers. And by the way, those workers whom you referred to have every right to protest in public whether you like it or not. I didn't see you complain about Tea Party protests. And your constant bashing of union membership is growing tiresome. If you hate unions so much, why don't you donate back to the State's general fund the benefits & pay raises that YOUR Union negotiated for YOU? You bash Unions, but I'm sure thay you take full advantsge of what's offered to you. You're ilk usually do.

Anonymous said...

The majority of corporate workers do not belong to unions so the comment of total disregard is irrelevant, at best. Then when we get to the corporationsn that do have union memebership, such as the American auto companies,I can only say, give me some of that disregard. Finally, it seems to me that one who is in a union or has been in one has valuable insight which may be pro or con.