Thursday, March 03, 2011

Tricycles, Unicycles, and Shoes Will Be Next!

A friend brought this piece of legislative nonsense (Bill A0529) from Queens Assemblyman DenDekker to my attention: NYS to license Bicycles!

According to the State Assembly website, if passed into law:
Personal bicycles shall be issued a license plate upon passing an inspection by the department. The inspection shall require that the bicycles conform to the lamp and equipment requirements of section twelve hundred thirty-six of this chapter. The license plates shall be twenty-five dollars the first year and shall reduce to five dollars each year thereafter.
The alleged justification, of course, is that this is all for our own good!
... it is essential that the state of New York be able to identify the bicycle riders. The issuance of license plates will ensure personal protection for cases such as bicycle theft or bicycle accidents, to name a few. 
Does anyone really think that the State of New York will "ensure personal protection?"  If anyone does, I have a bridge in Utica (on Barnes Ave.) to sell them. 

If this makes sense for New York City, then New York City can pass a local law requiring licenses. In Utica, we already have more than enough government intrusion into our everyday lives.


Anonymous said...

Uticans don't have to worry. Not many of them do much besides sit at a computer and bellyache about roefaro. And with the condition Utica's roads are in, I wouldn't be riding a bike anyway, the bike would be swallowed up in some of those "potholes" that roefaro denies exist.

Besides, the state is desperate for spending money after Cuomo's proposed budget. How can you be so critical of the legislature's attempt to generate revenue for itself. roanne destito needs her high-end bottled water and that stuff ain't cheap!

Anonymous said...

It is insane! The next thing you know, we'll be required to have little license plates on our posteriors as we walk. We need to get RID of some of the ridiculous over-legislation and regulation in NYS, not add to it!

Anonymous said...

You can't spell nanny without NY.

Enough with the laws and pandering to the special interests. The guy who sponsored this should be booted out of office. Stop wasting our time and money.

RPP said...

It's just another form of taxation and never ending government rgulation in New York. And, we keep electing them.

Dave said...

Indeed we do keep electing them. That's why the best suggestion I've heard lately is to scan the ballot and vote for any name you DON'T recognize, unless it's the incumbent. Fresh new clowns in the legislatures would at least be interesting and they probably can't do any harm, since it's the agencies that run our lives while our solons given emotional speeches about bike licenses and the wanton lawlessness of passing through yellow traffic lights. But you bicyclers get no sympathy from me. I had to pay $29 for a license to pull a fish or two out of the creek.

Strikeslip said...

$29 to fish for yourself??? It's cheaper at Hannafords and there is a nice selection!

Anonymous said...

Or, get a food access grant for healthy fish. Free beats even Hannaford, except to the taxpayer.

Dave said...

And miss the mud, slime and mosquitoes? We don't go to no pansy dead fish counter in a supermarket!
We pull 'em out and eat 'em raw!