Thursday, February 10, 2011


From the Sentinel: ‘No-no Nano’ except in Albany? Locals touting Marcy sure hope not
Ken Adams, the new governor’s pick to oversee economic development, said recently the state needs to re-evaluate its strategy to avoid the "political fantasy" that every region can attract any employer or industry it may desire. He specifically cited nanotechnology . . .
"We need to be viewed in an entirely different light, if we want to attract investments from other states and other countries," said Adams. "And that means being very clear that the Capital Region, for example, is the official home for nanoscale science. Period. If someone comes along and says ‘ want to do nanoscale science in Syracuse,’ they should be taken out to the wood shed. You can’t do it."

Let's stop the POLITICIANS' fantasy that ANY region -- including the Capital District -- can have "economic development" subsidized on the taxpayer's dime!

It simply is not fair that the taxpayers in Buffalo, Syracuse and Utica should be forced to prop-up a computer chip plant and the nanotechnology industry in Albany.

The government has no business picking winners and losers . . . Whether it is one city or region over another . . . or one company over another . . . or one industry sector over another.

Give us taxpayers ALL a break by ending the special "economic development" programs, ending the tax incentives, ending the infrastructure subsidies, and firing all the so-called "economic development" officials that we have. The programs, incentives, subsidies and officials are all GOVERNMENT, and it is too much GOVERNMENT that is driving people and businesses away.

Less is More.

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