Sunday, February 27, 2011

Concerned Citizens . . . For Utica!

Concerned Citizens for Honest and Open Government (CCHOG), by now well-known for shedding light on the goings-on in New Hartford, has started to shine light on City of Utica issues.

There have been several posts regarding the draft Utica Master Plan: 1/6 Hidden Agendas?  1/18 Neighborhoods & Parks,  2/17 Infrastructure and Waterfront Development. Also posts on the Housing Visions proposal: 1/17 Housing Projects in Utica, 1/11 Housing Visions 500K-600K Per 2-Family Unit.

Today begins perhaps CCHOG's biggest Utica endeavor yet:  Analyses of the 2010 City of Utica Assessment Database. Residential assessments are made available for download today in an Excel Spreadsheet format. (If you do not have Excel, a free program that opens Excel spreadsheets is available from Commercial and Government properties will be presented soon.

Some people will find this data extremely interesting.

Thank you, Concerned Citizens for making this information available!


Dave said...

That's a great service. In our little town a few years ago, the assessor said he didn't have the manpower to put the roll on the web. When asked for the data so an advocacy group could do it, he said he didn't have the manpower to provide it. When threatened with a law suit, he gave up the data and it's now on the web. Beginning last year the new assessor routinely uploads it for all to see. It's very useful for doing your own comps when disagreeing with your assessment, too, rather than standing in line down at the town offices to laboriously sift through print-out pages.

Anonymous said...

These people and their work is great!

RPP said...

It will be very interesting to check the property assesment in relation to political/social/economic elites. Start with the OD.