Friday, February 25, 2011

Big Government In a Small City . . .

Per the OD: Proposal regarding secondhand dealers irks Utica businesses
A proposal to license businesses that buy and sell second-hand merchandise was met with criticism Thursday by those who would be affected. 
 . . .  There also is a $750 annual fee involved. 
By requiring business owners to keep records of buyers and to hold inventory for roughly two weeks before selling it, and by regulating the hours of business, Hauck said the proposal was an attempt to cut off one of the ways stolen goods are sold.
“This is not trying to cut business,” he said. “This is not trying to hurt anybody.”
While the intent may not be to hurt anybody and to prevent the trafficking of stolen goods, the fact is that these "big government" style requirements will hurt many small business people.  Many small entrepreneurs cannot afford the $750 annual fee and do not have the means of dealing with extra paperwork.

Utica is the place in the region that is best suited to the small entrepreneur.  Placing additional burdens on them either puts them out of business . . . or pushes them over the city line into New Hartford or Whitestown.

Big Government in a small city simply does not work.  

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Dave said...

"... keep records of buyers"? I think if I handed a merchant cash to buy an item and he wanted to write down my name and address, I'd tell him the same thing I told Radio Shack years ago when they asked for that info.

And I need a little help here understanding how the plan will stop crime. Yes, it will limit fencing opportunities for theivery, but mainly by putting the stores out of business. Some solution.