Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Bad Habit . . .

Bad habits are hard to break.  Ask any smoker trying to quit.  Governments have bad habits, too . . . Like the addiction to suburban development at the expense of cities, exemplified in today's OD story Increased Access to New Hartford Business Park.

How strange is it that our state transportation leaders are considering more access off a state highway in New Hartford, and LESS access in the City of Utica.  If this cannot be seen as a prime cause of urban sprawl, then our leaders are not looking.

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Raleigh said...

Are there any local leaders who even care about urban sprawl, or think its something to avoid? Too many of them stand to profit personally.

Coming from a country boy's perspective, the addiction to suburban development comes at the expense of the rural areas and our agricultural base, too.

Imagine if this area could pioneer an effective (and binding) REGIONAL master plan.