Sunday, June 13, 2010

Witness the Melting Pot . . . In Utica . . .

Coppa Mondiale . . . Calcio . . . World Cup . . . Soccer

All eyes turn to South Africa on TV for the soccer world championships . . .

But you could also enjoy international soccer . . . live . . . right here in Utica!

I didn't know quite what to expect when I arrived at Proctor Park in the middle of a rainy afternoon yesterday for the Redeemer Cup International Soccer Tournament.  I did not even know what the event was called at the time because I had heard about it from a family member, but could find virtually nothing in the newspaper online.

In spite of the lousy weather, there was a lot going on.  Four fields were in simultaneous action.  16 Teams were competing, each bearing the flag of a different nationality. Everyone was having a great time.  Fortunately Channel 2 was there to cover the events, so it did not go entirely unnoticed.

This is uniquely Utica, folks.  People from all over the world. . . coming together . . . having fun . . . forming bonds of friendship.  This is the melting pot at work through soccer, and is what makes this community and America great. Redeemer Church is to be congratulated for putting this event together.

More international soccer action takes place today. . .   At T.R. Proctor Park . . . Quarter Finals start at noon.

From what I saw yesterday, this event has the potential to grow into something really big.


Redeemer Cup said...

Thank you for coming out and being part of the event. Posts like yours truly shows how great Utica New York. The Redeemer Cup is a celebration of the different nationalities in our city but I bigger than that it is a celebration of how great Utica is and will be. Thank you again for coming and posting. :-)

Twitter: @redeemercup

Anonymous said...

The question of Utica's future will be whether or not today's immigrants make the contributions made our earlier ancestors. The melting pot offers tremendous potential if the pot melts and the values of an industrious, free society are adopted and practiced. Only time will tell. On a lighter note, it's unfortunate soccer is so boring.