Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eating Across That Getaway Region . . .

Oneida County has unveiled a very slick new website promoting itself as "the Getaway Region" ... and really, when you think about it, it is.

The area might not have the "biggest" or "best" . . . superlatives do not apply . . . but we seem to have a bit of everything: mountains, lakes, plenty of outdoor sports, important historical sites, museums, a world-class casino with golf and entertainment, and a world of different restaurants.  And everything is within a short drive.

As noted on Utica Daily News last week, a Rochester newspaper recently did a very complimentary -- and mouth-watering -- article on Utica ethnic cuisine which featured some restaurants I was unfamiliar with, Amy's Grocery and Ruznic Market.

Neither Amy's, nor Ruznic, are listed on the "Getaway" website. . ..

And what good meal does not deserve a "desert beyond the ordinary" to finish . . . like you can get at Cafe Caruso (mentioned in the article but not listed on the website), Cafe Florentine (the classic Utica location is not listed) ... and, of course,   "Deserts Beyond the Ordinary" on Bank Place, Utica (not listed).

Utica has some foodie gems that seem to have escaped the Getaway website. . . . gems that some people feel are worth traveling a couple hours to reach.

The website is off to a great start. . . . but it needs a bit more work in the food department ... Classification of the different cuisines would help people find what they are looking for. . . Perhaps another section could be added on where to buy (not necessarily dine on) unusual foods . . .

. . . and maybe a bit more digging to unearth the unusual in our own backyard.

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onjeesun said...

"The Getaway Region"? If one were to listen to the plethora of naysayers around here, it wouldn't be a stretch to assume we are being billed as the region to "get away" FROM!

It's also very close to the "Gateway" title we've billed ourselves as. Not very creative and in fact, when I first saw it, I thought it might have been a typo.