Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sink Your Teeth Into Rome . . .

Utica has Chicken Riggies, Greens, Tomato Pie and Half-Moons as semi-official standard-bearers for signature dishes. Now a woman in Rome is proposing the Chocolate Chip Cookie as Rome's signature dish.

Why Not? 

But I can think of ANOTHER item that may truly be Rome's signature food:  Turkey Joints

We may be poor in these here parts . . . but we eat very well, thank you! 


Buzzer said...

So a standard pasta dish, boiled and baked leaves, pizza without cheese, and circular brownies with frosting is considered "eating well?" :) I dunno... ;-P hehehe

As for Turkey Joints... yes, that is signature Rome. That is a true blue Rome invention, and I happen to like it on occasion, and I'm often surprised to not see it on the list of Oneida County-born food items. Also, it's probably the largest pieces of candy that I've given my relatives and friends (that live outside of the area) ever.

As far as chocolate chip cookies? I'm sorry. No. It's difficult to make that claim, when Whitman, Mass already has the claim to INVENTING the cookie.

I mean, why don't we just say that Waterville is the world's official town of Honda Civics?

Tis a sad day in Central NY when people think they can get away with these things.

Strikeslip said...

I'll put our "boiled and baked leaves" against Rochester's signature dish, the "garbage plate," any day! ;)

Funny you should mention Waterville... Waterville's signature dish could be baklava ice cream! You can get it for dessert at Symeons near Utica . . . but it's made in Waterville.