Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Same Old Same Old in New Hartford . . .

It's really interesting how the elites think that they do not have to obey the law ... that rules are only for other people.

A good example of this thinking is the New Hartford Public Library board.  Most of the library's operating budget comes from New Hartford taxpayers . . . but when a taxpayer wants information on what the board is doing, he gets the run around.

As it turns out, the Library Board has been acting illegally for years. . . . Members reappointing themselves to their positions rather than being appointed by the Town Board, and members not filing their oaths of office. Now that a concerned taxpayer has been legally appointed to the Library Board, he gets the cold shoulder.

Clearly, the Town has been financing a renegade board that has been acting without proper legal authority . . . but with apparent authority as far as third parties are concerned.  This is a serious issue for Town Government and the Tyksinski administration because such a board exposes the Town to liabilities.

This needs to be fixed, pronto.

The Town administration needs to send a letter to the illegal members and bar them from further participation in library management.  Office computers and records need to be seized and sequestered, and library bank accounts need to be frozen.  No further payments should be made out of the Town Budget for library purposes pending reconstitution of a legal, duly appointed, Library Board.

The law must be followed . . . by everyone.

Cathy has the full details on this situation on New Hartford Online Blog.


Anonymous said...

The New Hartfod library board is symptomatic of a larger problem here. Many boards as this one are dominated by the same network of country club cliques that have no conception of money problems or rules of accountability. They treat taxpayers funds as their own little hoobies of sorts. Bigger examples include groups like the Stanley Performing Arts group that used tons of public monies to create a white elephant that will never make money here. These so called elites cannot get out of their own way in certain respects and we pay the bills. They view government money as their play money.

Anonymous said...

The latest is the board's refusal to sit Waitr. New Hartford continues to be a laughing stock as even a library is mismanaged and illegaly operated by the annointed few. It's interesting that these board members are of the same cut as Earl Reed. The country club set ought to gracefully step aside.