Saturday, January 16, 2010

YOU Just Knew It Made No Sense (2) . . .

But the CORPORATION COUNSEL saw nothing wrong???
Nowhere in a state civil service guidebook is there discussion of different test levels, Utica Corporation Counsel Linda Sullivan Fatata said in defending the actions of the local Civil Service entity.

“I don’t think anybody could foresee this,” Fatata said of this week’s determination by the state Civil Service Commission that LaBella took the wrong exam to become police chief.
Ms. Fatata was probably thinking "I didn't think anybody would notice . . ."

Not to justify what Mayor Roefaro did, but politicians can be expected to look for loopholes through Civil Service laws if they are a roadblock to appointing the people that they trust. That's why we have Civil Service Commissions and Corporation Counsels -- people who are responsible for knowing the law and impartially applying it. If they are looking for ways to get around it, then they are not doing their jobs.
City lawyers will convene next week and decide how to defend the appointment process to the state commission, Fatata said.
But there is no defense. Applying two different tests with different requirements to the same position defies common sense.

The list of people brazenly defending or excusing what was done grows longer and longer, and now reaches the Corporation Counsel's office. . . . revealing ever increasing depths of the corruption that permeates City and County government.

The City Civil Service Commission must go, the County Civil Service Commission must go, and now the Corporation Counsel must go. They are not doing their jobs.


Anonymous said...

I also found it interesting & to put it bluntly, disgusting how the CC, Fatata, the PBA & others are defending Roefaro & Labella when they know damn well that the appointment stinks to high heaven. Do these people have no inkling what is right or wrong? Judging by what I'm hearing, apparently not.

Anonymous said...

The corporation counsel should have been gone two administrations ago. She is inept, lazy and has lost most of the lawsuits brought against the city. If they had just followed the rules they would not be defending all these lawsuits against our once proud city. Defending lawsuits is only one part of her job description.

Anonymous said...

The Corporation Counsel is compromised by her brother's job.