Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Revenue Raiser? . . . or Citizen Shakedown?

It's bad enough putting up with the New Hartford Rt 840 and the New York Mills speed traps . . . but at least you are facing a human being when you are ticketed and will be informed immediately of what it was that you allegedly did wrong. You will remember exactly what you had done moments before.

Now, per the Post Standard:
New York drivers might soon be among a growing group being watched -- and ticketed -- by a roadside camera system. Included last week in Gov. David Paterson’s budget proposal is a “revenue action” to deploy 50 cameras on highways to ticket speeders. . . .
How would you like to find out days later in the mail that you allegedly were speeding on such-and-such an occasion? Would you have any recollection of the event? Probably not. . .

Most people are honest, and would pay a ticket if they knew they were speeding . . . but what if you really don't know? Do you assume that the government is correct and pay the ticket? Or do you fight it . . . and take the chance that you might really be wrong?

Odds are you will pay the ticket even though you don't know that you had done anything wrong. This becomes a form of governmental indoctrination . . . If the government says you were wrong, you learn to accept that the government is correct.
Paterson estimates the plan to fine speeders in highway work zones could generate about $174 million over the next three years. But even though the program surfaced in a budget that struggles to close a deficit, the cameras are about safety in highway work zones, not making money, state officials said.
Baloney! This is New York . . .the state that harasses its citizens to the N-th degree with all sorts of taxes, tolls, and fees . . . How does the governor know that $174 million will be raised, unless that is his goal? The state worker-bees will be given their orders and will calibrate their cameras to ensure that the $174 million gets collected. Few will fight it.

Safety measure? No. Citizen Shakedown? Yes.

This idea needs to be stopped . . . Now!


Greens and Beans said...

Gee whiz! Just think of how nice this will make it for the cops that will not have to get out of the comfort of their warm and dry patrol cars to write traffic tickets. Come to think of it . . . I cannot remember ever going through a routine auto inspection/seatbelt fleecing road patrol checkpoint during a rain of snow storm.

But then again, with the advent of George Orwell’s “Big Brother” style cameras watching the citizens every waking moment, perhaps the police agencies will be able to eliminate most of their expensive road patrol units. After all, the politicians have mastered the art of Orwell’s rendition of “double speak” as well as revising newspaper articles to reflect the party’s propaganda much the same as Orwell’s character “Winston” was employed to perform. Today they track our cellular telephone calls, emails, internet surfing, public (air, rail and bus) transportation, grocery shopping habits (heck we were notified by a local grocery store chain that the peanut butter we had purchased with our credit /debit card had been recalled), ezpass can track our toll road driving as well as some auto manufacturers can track our driving habits via satellite. Can George Orwell’s “1984” society be far behind? (http://www.online-literature.com/orwell/1984/)

Anonymous said...

Now that Utica's Uncommon Council has bowed to Roefaro's & Labella's pressure to accept the police grant, I guess the new hires can spend their time watching videos of alleged scofflaws. We have 4 new council members, but it didn't take them long to show that it's business as usual in good 'ol Utica. Screw the taxpayers is a way of life in this city. No one can tell me why if "crime is down in Utica" as Roefaro claims, why we need 4 new officers. It's all political b.s. as the new hires were already chosen before the grant was even accepted. Roefaro & Labella just waited patiently for the new council to be sworn in so as to let the games begin. These people have & are destroying this city with their polical backdoor dealing.

Anonymous said...

That's nuts. What if you're not driving? It's your car, but you're not driving it...who gets the ticket? What if the car is registered in 2 names? Do both people it's registered to get a ticket? What if the plates are stolen?

How are they going to take the pictures, from the front, back or both? Because I live in North Carolina and we don't have front plates (or tags, as they are called here). My back plate/tag is a NC plate, but my front one looks like a very legit NYS plate and it says Saranac. I bought it for ten bucks at the brewery shop last month when we were in town.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. How can there be victims of this scheme if everyone moves away?