Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Don't Believe You Anymore . . .

Circa 2000: Marcy Chip Fab

2001: Center for Brownfield Studies

2002: Griffiss Institute

2005: Homeland Security Training Center

2006: State Data Center

Today: The Computer Chip Hybrid Integration Partnership
(meaning that we LOST the chip packaging center)

I Don't Believe You Anymore!


Anonymous said...

For various reasons, we were never going to get a chip center. The current plan will at least add an academic/research infrastructure that could both add to our brainpower and create the synergy for new product development.This is a long term impact project that may produce positive results, nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

I hate being negative. I really do. I love this place and have no desire to move, but lets be honest here....

This is nothing more than a payoff to keep us quiet. We LOST the chip packaging plant to Albany (not that we were ever a real candidate). We also do not have a shovel ready chip site, but please don't tell anyone as our EDGE representatives are in California this week trying to sell it as if it is.

At least the college will get a big new wonderful building they can convert/supplement other uses.

This whole thing sounds like "Griffiss Institute" part II.

Strikeslip said...

I feel the same way, Anonymous. . . . and yes, it does sound eerily like the Griffiss Institute.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the more blatantly negative people here, and I also hate to see this come around again. I remember attending SUNYIT around 2001-ish and people talking about a chip center, and people demonstrating and protesting the possible environmental impacts, etc... And here we are, 2009, and we're still talking about the "possibilities" of a chip thing here... and it was so much more certain back in 2001, and now it's mostly empty words and high hopes.

However, I'm not disappointed or surprised. As one of the biggest "think positive" cheerleaders for Utica between 2000 and 2006, I'm not as negative of a Nancy you'll find... and I learned to expect nothing to change, nothing to progress, and nothing to come of big promises.

Anonymous said...

By the way... what the HELL is the "Chip Hybrid Integration Center?" It looked like they were speaking in circles when trying to explain the purpose of this project. It just seems like someone wanted to make a recursive acronym just for the hell of it.