Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You Can Depend On Oneida County . . .

. . . to piddle away your tax money. "$5,000 grant to help Verona complete firefighter training complex."
"The Verona Volunteer Fire Department has been awarded a $5,000 grant to complete the Western Oneida County firefighter training complex, County Executive Anthony Picente Jr. announced Tuesday."
The WESTERN Oneida County training complex?

Whatever happened to the 'Eastern' Oneida County training complex . . . and what is it that makes it unusable to those in 'Western' OC? Come to think of it, Boonville would seem to be one of the furthest points in the county . . . Is there a 'Northern' OC complex? If not, maybe there should be one of those too . . .

I'm tired of all this waste of my tax dollars.

Update: The Sentinel reports:
"Oneida County has at least four existing training facilities. "
"AT LEAST ????!!!"


clipper said...

There was a well developed and well equipped fire training area on Griffiss AFB, and there are training towers and facilities in Utica, and near the old OC Airport and jail. Verona is not that far from the facility at the old airport if it still exists.

Are county taxpayers going to fund the building of one of these on every fireman's field in the county, or are Verona firefighters someone's favorites?

Gee if there was not so much controversy and unrest between the OIN and Verona residents, the OIN would probably contribute substantially to the effort or just plain donate the necessary funds to finish the facility.

Anonymous said...

Most alarming is that spending as if money was unlimited continues as we struggle with severe economic downturn and ever increasing taxes.

Anonymous said...

The reason given is if the FD is out training no one is there to cover the District should a call come in. However there are 50+ fire dept's in Oneida County that seem to find coverage each time they use a training facility. Aka Mutual Aid, stand-by, and assistance. This is called planning!! But if they got the money more power to them. Just another pork project. Guess it is better than someones fish and game or a hi speed rail no one will ever see.